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Clutch Motor





Undoubtedly the best clutch paramotor
in the world.-THE SNAP 100.

Build your own with no reduction ratio xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBack to Option 1

This compact engine has a built in internal gear box which effectively gears the prop to the correct rotational speed (serving the same purpose as the external reduction ratios of conventional paramotors) however much more compact and lighter. When building your own, one now does not have to fabricate these external components.

Using our new 100cc centrifugal clutch engine supplied complete with TUNED pipe and mounts.

This 100cc centrifugal clutch engine is undoubtedly the worlds top paramotor in its class. Light, compact and powerful, especially with the variable 3 blade prop. This engine has been modified and all previous teathing problems now gone. It has revolutionized the powered paragliding world and is set to become the engine of the future.

We supply either as above or as a complete assembled unit,
ready to clip into a wing and fly.

  • No reduction ratio (less weight)
  • Propeller stays still while engine is on idle.
  • Less weight. (Weight is only really a factor
  • On the ground as once in the air all the
  • Weight is taken up by the wing)
  • Ground adjustable 3 blade prop
  • No electric starter needed and not hassles
  • With lines in the prop during glider inflation as the prop is stationary.
  • Usually NO torque effects experienced.
  • Less fuel consumption while on idle as prop is not attached to crank permanently.
You purchase.
  • Slight lag period between revving
    engine and available power.
Complete engine with tuned exhaust and
mountings, propeller and harness if need be. (All accessories inc frame available if need be).
You make.
Frame, accelerator, mount tank., Alternatively
all accessories are available from
All assembly and additional components available on our “build your own powered paraglider, along with free video, complete powered paraglider E book (full colour and all plans etc to build your own.


All available on our “build your own” cd

Our 3 blade composite propellers are supplied with
a PCD (diameter from prop hole to opposite hole) of 75
Most of the clutch paramotor engines are supplied with 60 .
Either you can re drill new holes if there is enough space
or you have 2 options.
1. Simply make an adapter plate that will allow our 3 blade
props to be attached to the existing mounting plate or
2. Make up a new hub with internal spline. (Shown on our
“build your own CD” or we will supply you with it already made.

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Make your own Syphon Shaker.

D.I.Y. Plans to manufacture your own Syphon Shaker.
A new revolution in petrol / liquid syphoning
No more spillage or funnels
no more mouths full of petrol,
no more spontaneous combustion.








It's not just about Madness

Dave Briggs, a legend among enthusiasts of extreme events in South Africa. It's not just about madness is a rollicking account of various exploits, sometimes hilarious, sometimes hair-raising, told in episodic, campfire-tales style, to bring- as he puts it- some fun into our lives, while it also asks and answers, the question "Why?" So fasten your seat belt and enjoy the raw energy of a sometimes bumpy ride with a pilot who is equally ready to face the challenge of the mighty Colorado River as to express his own frank views on the world he sees around him.








Assemble your own Full Face Helmet.


Customized helmets for BMX, motor bikes, paragliding and hang gliding among many more uses. A step by step guide on how to assemble your own helmet designed for you. All templates available as printouts. We include a complete full colour guide to making your own syphon shaker with each purchase.





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