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When thinking about entering the world of Motorised Paragliding several options are available:
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Type of attachment points for the risers

Hang bars.
A. Above the shoulders. The riser system and toggles now sits higher up. One also has bars coming out over or on the side of ones head.

Unlike all other hanging systems, the pilot here hangs off the bars that extend over the shoulders. The centre of gravity may be moved backward or forwards along the bars, which will alter the lie of the engine of your back. The other difference is that the glider and pilot is attached to the hang bars. In other systems the glider is attached directly to the pilots harness. One MUST remember in any system where you the pilot are not attached to the wing directly, a safety strap must be used in case the bars break or work lose. This will mean you will still be attached to your harness and not simply to the wing while your harness disappears below you still attached to the frame!!

Hang Bars / J-Bars Option
J bars

Additional advantages with this hang system are a fairly comfortable seat arrangement
and minimized torque effects in many units.
Disadvantages include more protrudence due to the extended bars. Always make sure
you can reach your toggles should you let them go, as one may be sitting slightly lower
than your paragliding harness set up..




Side J bars.

Unlike the bars that extend over ones shoulders, these are situated below the arms and have a stabalising effect on the
harness, with respect to torque and maintaining the harness straps away from the shoulder area in many designs. The risers however do not attach to these bars in this case, and are attached to loops on the shoulder straps.



B. Under ones arms. These may be more appealing for a number of reasons. They are out of the way and secondly the toggles are around the normal flying position. These bars may either pivot upwards and down wards and are not locked into position. The balancing of the glider attachment point Vs the clip in point of the harness is now crucial. On take off the bars will face downwards and as the pilot is picked up off the ground and opposed by the pilot's weight, they settle in the horizontal position. This type of arrangement has the additional advantage of allowing the pilot to weight shift while flying. Alternatively the under arm bars may be locked into position and not able to pivot at all.

C. Bars built into the harness. Work fairly well with the advantage of no extensions when ground handling. In addition to this side extensionsmay be present to prevent the associated turning forces one may experience. Ipersonally have never been hassled by these and am able to fly quite well even with the engine set up at an angle.

D. Direct attachment onto the harness and no bars. The shoulder straps may pull back onto ones shoulder, depending on the harness design.

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