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Dave Briggs - Owner of SkyTribe has been in the paragliding world since 1987. A Biochemist by profession he now flies advertising for various companies and builds motorised paragliders. He has flown fixed wings, has held instructor ratings in paragliding, paramotors and holds a master scuba diving rating and reached instructor level in microlighting. After having taught diving in Australia and Zanzibar he operated a white water rafting company on the Tugela river Natal South Africa. As a junior he won the South African long distance canoeing title and was part of 1990 kayak expedition to the Congo river Zaire. In 1997 he and a fellow pilot flew their paramotors working their way from central Africa down Tanzania, along Lake Malawi and crossing over Victoria falls into Zimbabwe. (see African Adventure) 2003 saw South Africa's first group circumnavigation by microlight.(More here)
For more info contact Dave dave@skytribe.co.za
Who is SkyTribe?
Sky Tribe, originally a paragliding school now offers a form of flight that everyone can enjoy. Not only is it the cheapest alternative (around 2 l hours), but may be easily learned in a day or two. Unlike conventional paragliding there are no long walks up mountains, no more dropping out if the wind disappears and no more long drives to take off sites. Simply strap the engine on your back, pull up the canopy, squeeze the accelerator and up you go. Take-off is now possible from flat areas and elevated areas are no longer needed. This together with the fact that safer canopies may be used (see canopies), paramotoring now may be extremely safe.
Zander Potgieter on his home built 100cc KT Yamaha go cart engine

99% Mental


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Assemble your own Full Face Helmet.


Customized helmets for BMX, motor bikes, paragliding and hang gliding among many more uses. A step by step guide on how to assemble your own helmet designed for you. All templates available as printouts. We include a complete full colour guide to making your own syphon shaker with each purchase.





Build your own Powered Paraglider.

The largest collection of Powered Paraglider plans for different engines.All plans and photos available. Includes: a free video, transport rack PPG plans, free copy of the e-book "An Insight into Powered Paragliding ans full colour Assembly Hints. Build it from a cart or motor bike engine at home. Fits in the boot of a car. Make your own portable aircraft. All on 1 CD and printable on most home PCs..





It's not just about Madness

Dave Briggs, a legend among enthusiasts of extreme events in South Africa. It's not just about madness is a rollicking account of various exploits, sometimes hilarious, sometimes hair-raising, told in episodic, campfire-tales style, to bring- as he puts it- some fun into our lives, while it also asks and answers, the question "Why?" So fasten your seat belt and enjoy the raw energy of a sometimes bumpy ride with a pilot who is equally ready to face the challenge of the mighty Colorado River as to express his own frank views on the world he sees around him.


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