Alternatively they either pay for the wing (around R8000 new & R4000 second hand) or wing and paramotor and no obligation is entered into for specific events. What you need to do here is provide them with a list of prospective locations that obviously will provide exposure (beaches, running, cycling races and gatherings or even an undertaking to spend X amount of time a month above a shopping centre forexample). This is a lessstressful and more pleasant way of obtaining a free set up. As far as the client is concerned, this is tax deductible as it is a form of advertising. Many an individual has also attached their own company logo / name to their wings and made the entire set up deductible.(exposure is advertising). Should one want to create an unforgettable impact at an event, attach an orange smoke canister (obtainable from most boat shops) via a steel cable to the frame of your setup. The canister becomes incredibly hot and will burn through if rope is utilised. Once in the air crack the seal and let it hang below. Within a few seconds vasts amounts of coloured smoke will be emitted. Bear in mind this will drift with the wind so avoid flying past someone`s upwind block of flats.

Want to create an unforgettable impact?

Also remember that as with the flag which is hanging below ones feet, this also is situated in a similar position, which means coming into land requires terminating the engine(which is a standard procedure usually), prior to touch down. If not undertaken the canister hits the ground before your feet and jumps back into the spinning prop. So there you have it. Not being able to afford motorised paragliding is certainly no excuse for not flying.

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Ian Douglas flying the world's largest flag at the Virginia Airshow - South Africa

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