PRICES EXCL. PACKAGING AND POSTAGE) Prices may change without prior warning. Colours, designs & aesthetics may differ slightly from the shown pictures. Pricing also available in SA rands. Components are bought entirely at purchaser's own risk. No liability is accepted For any breakage, injury or death whatsover.

See our currency convertor at the end of the list for international monetry conversions

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3 in 1 CD
Part No.0x1b (US $95)


* Plans
* Assembly Instructions
* FREE 259 page e-book "An Insight into Powered Paragliding" (full colour)
*COMPLIMENTARY copy of the video - "Powered Paragliding"

Build your Own CD with Plans and Assembly Instructions in full colour
Part No.0x1a (US $85)

Tuned exhaust

Tuned exhaust (chromed)

(A) Exhaust rubber mounts(single) (to attach two exhaust brackets to above plate)
Part No.001 (R2500)
Part No.002 (R120)


(A) Stainless steel laser cut Skytribe mounting plate (electro polished) &
(B) 4 mounting pillars
Part No. 003 (R395)


Engine mounts

3 in total. Two attaching the Skytribe plate to the frame (above) and one lower engine mount.
(A) Lower engine mount spacer excluded

Part No. 004 (R395)


Wooden laminated propellers. Diameter & pitch on request)

(Three blade, composite and carbon fiber available on request. Simply give us the Pitch and diameter and we will do the rest. )

2 blade wooden propeller.
Prop size usually 115-125cm (Length may be requested longer)
Prop pitch (24-34)

Reduction ratio 2,65-2,75 (other may be requested)

Part No. 005 (R1300)

3 blade composite, variable pitch props) propeller
Prop size 1-120cm. (Prop may be shortened by trimming edges)
Prop pitch (0-90-variable pitch)
Aluminium or moulded propeller boss (Attaches all props to large pulley) PCD used 75. Most pulleys may be redrilled to accommodate new PCDs.
Reduction ratio 2.65-2,75 or optional.

Prop retaining disk

( Just remember a propeller is a potentially Lethal weapon. Keep it out of your way and others. Fingers have been lost and marriages have disintegrated due to the compulsive and irresponsible usage of these most portable flying machine! )

Part No. 006 (R140)

Prop balancer

Balancers may differ slightly in design, however all are Adjustable.

Click here to get your free instructions and diagrams to manufacture your own prop balancer.
Part No.007b

Prop protector.
(complete set 2)

If precise measurement is required then dimensions of Prop will be needed.

Part No. 008 (R395)

Reduction drive

Reduction drive ( 2,7:1) complete with poly V belt, Small and large pulley, cam shaft, two bearings and spacer & cir clips & mounting plate. (Bearings , spacer & cir clips assembled) Ring gear optional.
Part No. 009 (R4900)

Assembled on Solo 210cc engine with reduction drive, carburetta & new external ignition option, decompression valve inserted and intergral internal modification for easier starting + mt plate and Pillars


Ring Gear


Small Pulley




Mounting Plate


Prop Disc


Large Pulley

Part No. 010 (R16840)

Carburetta adapter

A-above inc. air filter adapter,
B- throttle mounting plate and
engine adapter.
(Unless components are assembled, all cap screws, nuts, bolts are excluded )

Part No. 011 (R1050)

(Unless components are assembled, all cap screws, nuts, bolts are excluded )

Fuel tank.

Aluminium fuel line attachment (internal & external connector) plus
Aluminium breather pipe connector and two in line fuel filters

Part No. 012 (R293)
Part No. 013 (R65)
Cheaper attachments available on request

Plastic 10 litre flexible tank

Moulded Tanks
(dependant on fittings)

Part No. 013B (R395- R800)


Four piece, double ring Aluminium 19mm by 1,6 or 2mm. Complete with
(1) side clips
(2) straps, top harness locators
(3) pull start pulley (comp. with bearings & mounting bracket
(4) ex. tank straps
& inc all frame locking straps

Part No. 014 (R3900)



= frame inserts excluded

All the above complete with retaining straps safety netting attached and Powder coated.
Part No. 015 (R4500)

The raw frame is supplied with all, locking straps, top harness locators & protective strips for frame legs.YOU will have to pop rivot locking straps in place, attach protective legs, powdercoat/paint frame and attach netting.

A=Area for protective legs. B= locking straps

Foam backpiece

A= Covered foam wedge, against which the harness lies.

Part No. 016 (R274)


Complete with reserve strap & locator pin, clips and straps
Excl. carabeeners.

(Snap-on or quick releases extra)
Part No. 017 (R1400)

A=Hole not included in harness.
Insert own to suite harness lie.
Part No. 018 (R950)


The connector (right) attaches to the harness back and connects to the frame.

Note: frames are usually supplied with double outer ring for extra protection

Paragliders - Canopies

Unlike conventional paragliding high performance wings are no longer needed, and lower aspect ratio wings may readily be used. As the pilot is not relying on the glider now to carry him to the next thermal, he simply applies power and flies along, Older safer canopies may be utilised. Conventional high performance paragliders may be used, however as with all competition wings, take care. Check it out with a school.
(Click here for additional info)


Accelerator system

Included is Kill switch, foam grip End piece for kill
switch, handle Lugs, cable, wiring and
protective covering

Part No. 019 (R450)

Transport rack

Interested in building your own TRANSPORT RACK? Click here

No more dissembling the unit. Leave it connected and simply hang the paramotor On the stand that attaches to a tow hitch.

Designed to attach to most
Standard tow bars


Part No. 020 (R1500)



Shown here is Sarzana Suleman standing next to an ingeneous invention by Shiras Suleman using a modified bicycle rack and standard tow hitch attachment.

Roll out tool bag

Excludes complete set of tools

Part No. 021 (R165)

Foot stirrups

For ease of entering the seat after take off and resting feet once air borne. Simply clips onto the existing harness. Supplied with elastified webbing for compact out of the way retention.

Part No. 022 (R195)

Syphoning made easy

No more spillage or mouthfuls of petrol (refer to web page )Recommended---mm for paramotoring and microlighting)

Click here to view more info

Part No. 023 (R210)

Interested in Building your own Syphon Shaker? Click here

Syphon shaker protective bags


Part No. 024 (R160)


"An introduction to powered paragliding"

Check out the Video Downloads page for clips from the video.

Part No. 025 ($US 10)

Also Available on CD

CD`s & Books

1. "An insight into powered paragliding" in e-book format

Part No. 026 ($US 24)

1. "An insight into powered paragliding" in e-book format including Video

Part No.026B ($US 34)

2. "Build and assemble your own powered paraglider" including over 160 pages of pictures and +30 pages of detailed engineering plans + video

Part No. 027 (US$ 95)


3. Component plans and diagrams for powered paragliding
Click here to view more under 'Build It'

Part No. 028 (on request)




Customize your own helmet .

Helmets are available in a variety of colours
The shell is provided in colours OF YOUR CHOICE.


Helmet Cover



Flight instrument holders
for vario and GPS.



Let us know your type of radio and we will build the
connection to fit.

Alternatively we have kits that may be fitted to your existing helmets.
(full face or open face) microphones and speakers.


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