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Reduction/Gear Ratio




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Build your own from scratch using a reduction/gear ratio.

A reduction ratio ensures the prop is not attached directly to the crank shaft and thus gears the propeller to the correct rotation speed. (In other words an “external type of gearing”

Using a wide variety of engines.(Solo, Hirth, Racket
Go cart, motor cycle etc)

All available on our “Build your Own” cd
  • Cheaper version
  • Easier to fix when problems occur
  • All components made with lathe and milling machine in a day or so
  • Ground adjustable 3 blade prop for optimum performance.
  • Slightly heavier
  • No centrifugal clutch however an electric start may be added
  • Torque effects may be experienced.
You purchase.
You make.
Engine, Prop, possibly harness. (Exhaust if extra power is needed but not always needed) 2 pulleys, cam shaft, mounting brackets accelerator and mounting plate ,mount tank & frame.
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A 20 minute excerpt of Dave Briggs' microlight trip around South Africa.

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